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Committee Meeting: January 2018

Venue: Leacroft

Date & Time: 14/01/18 at 13.30

Attendees: Colin Ford (CF), Neil Smith (NS), Amanda Clement (AC), Mark Harmon (MH), Len Cooper-Jones (LC-J), Mark Wonnacott (MW), Maxine Ravenscroft (MR), Jack Ford (JF), Martin Shelvey (MS)

Apologies for Absence: Frances Cooper (FC), Rebecca Huffer (RH)

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Matters Arising:

Action points from December’s meeting added to action table. Action table is available on request.

1. Chairman’s Report:

Still awaiting a response from Brett Aggregates. To be chased up after AGM.

2. Secretary's Report:

Nothing to report.

3. Treasurer's Report:

Currently Leacroft takings are at £1,800.00 and we need to take a minimum of £658.00 to break even by the end of the season. The good news is that we have taken £52.50 more than this time last year, the bad, is that this is because last year we lost a session due to an emergency closure.

Steve has been handed the Accounts for auditing for 2017.

Finance tables available on request.

4. Public Relations Officer's Report:

Nothing to report.

5. Equipment Officer’s Report:

Nothing to report.

6. Training Officer’s Report:

Nothing to report.

7. Records Officer’s Report:

Club records set or broken since last Committee Meeting on 17/12/2017:

7/1/18 Phil Shore SGB Frostbite

7/1/18 Jess Shore JGU12R Frostbite

7/1/18 Marley Pottinger JBU12B Frostbite

5/1/18 Phil Shore SGB Portsmouth

5/1/18 Paula Elder SLB Portsmouth

17/12/17 Paul Shore JBU14B Portsmouth

17/12/17 Martin Shelvey SGR Worcester

All records are up-to-date both in Golden Records and on the website.

8. Tournament Officer’s Report:

Nothing to report.

9. Junior Representative’s Report:

Nothing to report.

10. Any Other Business:

*Catering for AGM agreed per MW’s suggestion, ‘a cricket tea’ @ £2.00 a head. He would organise, and club would pay. AC to email membership for AGM attendee numbers.

*CF will write an intro for AGM.

*Committee members to write up their AGM reports and upload ASAP so that AC could send them out to membership.

*MR given paper nominations received, to collate for AGM.

*CF to invite SALSAL board members to AGM – AC will forward email addresses to CF.

11. Date of Next Meeting: 18/02/18 at 1pm approx. (after Portsmouth).

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