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Committee Meeting: April 2018


Date & Time: 20 April 2018 8:00 p.m.

Attendees: Colin Ford (CF), Neil Smith (NS), Amanda Clement (AC), Mark Harmon (MH), Len Cooper-Jones (LCJ), Mark Wonnacott (MW), Martin Shelvey (MS), Paula Elder (PE), Amanda Nannery (AN), Andy Woodger (AW)

Apologies for Absence: Maxine Ravenscroft (MR), Jack Ford (JF)

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

2. Chairman’s Report:

Since the last meeting, MS has contacted SALSAL regarding the metal work left at the side of the range, but to date, nothing has been received in response.

A concern had been raised by SALSAL that wrong information had been passed by LAC to the football club regarding SALSAL's intentions. This was fully resolved as it was purely a misunderstanding.

MS wondered whether it would be worth doing an email to membership saying if they hear important information about other clubs that they pass it to the committee so we can go direct to the source. It was agreed that it wasn’t something we could email membership on)

3. Secretary's Report:

No report received.

4. Treasurer's Report:

MH reported that we currently have £16,270.00 in our current account and £20,000 in our savings account. Fortunately, Len has not yet started his hobby of spending money on equipment but his winter hibernation will soon come to an abrupt end!

The price of the pitch for the Ottershaw Fair has increased to £60. We also need to arrange transportation of targets. LCJ reported that Gill and Steve Shore have volunteered to tow the trailer.

5. Public Relations Officer's Report:

Nothing to report.

6. Equipment Officer’s Report:

Nothing to report until after the maintenance day scheduled for 22nd April.

7. Training Officer’s Report:

A new course started on Wednesday 18th April with 9 people expected. One hit traffic and turned back but we gained another when the sister of one beginner decided to give it a go. AC mentioned that the nephew of one of the cricket/football members is interested and so are two others known to the club. As we are down on numbers and are expecting the outstanding beginner to start next week, NS suggested we offer places to these three as well.

The previous course finished successfully for most of the beginners. Two beginners have yet to complete and have not responded to the latest emails. I feel that we should assume that they have given up as they are now well beyond the 8 weeks that we give them to complete.

Now that the newsletter has gone out, outlining Neil's plans for talks and coaching sessions, he will book some evening sessions at SALSAL (probably Tuesdays) for the talks and plan some group sessions (Tuesdays and/or Saturdays). He will email the membership to inform them, asking for them to confirm whether they wish to attend.

MW and NS are hoping to combine Saturday sessions so that Neil works with the adults while MW works with the juniors.

8. Record Officer’s Report:

Club records set or broken since last Committee Meeting on 17/03/2018

16/03/18 Phil Shore SGB Worcester

16/03/18 Jess Hammond JLU14R Worcester

16/03/18 Theo Cooper-Jones JGU14R Portsmouth

16/03/18 David Lavender JGU16B Worcester

23/03/18 Paula Elder SLB Bray I

25/03/18 Molly Bruce-Reid JLU16B Frostbite

25/03/18 Paula Elder SLB Frostbite

25/03/18 Jess Shore JLU12R Frostbite

25/03/18 Phil Shore SGB Frostbite

02/04/18 Jeff Shore SGB National

02/04/18 Theo Cooper-Jones JGU14R Junior National

15/04/18 Jeff Shore SGB Windsor

15/04/18 Amanda Clement SLB Windsor

All records are up-to-date both in Golden Records and on the website.

9. Tournament Officer’s Report:

Shooting Schedule - we are still awaiting confirmation of our final SM match, away to Aquarius, before issue of final shooting schedule. Some changes have had to be made to existing club shoots in order to accommodate the SM tournament.

Opening Shoot - 5 entries from Spelthorne, so far, but 6 are expected from GOA tomorrow and perhaps 1 or 2 from Hillingdon too. Gill Shore has offered to do the tea.

A shout has gone around to LAC members to ensure they know they must pre-register for this shoot. Several have already responded, although none of them (except Paula) have actually specified which distance they want to shoot - there's a lesson, there!!

Albion - all on track, we hope!! Entry form is ready for printing and will be touted around various external tournaments this summer.

MCAA Short Metric League - we attended the SM draw. Our fixtures are as follows:

Home Away
Hampstead 20/05/18 GoA 08/07/18
Harefield 22/07/18 (to be shot as a double-header at Pinner) Pinner 22/07/18
GoA 12/08/18 Aquarius 19/08/18 tbc

MCAA Worcester League - this league has ended and the results have been published. Our barebow team scoring a resounding victory, winning all 5 matches. Phil Shore won the Senior Gents barebow and David Lavender the Junior Gents barebow. Medals will be awarded at the GoA St George's shoot on 7/5. The recurve side of things was less successful - we won 1 match (our bye) and lost 4. However, with many of our members being new to this round, we should be comforted with the fact that some of our losses were fairly close in points. As we become more used to shooting this round, we will, of course, improve our scores!

BA Portsmouth and Frostbite Leagues - these leagues have finished and results are awaited. In the Frostbite, we won 4 matches and lost 1, while in the Portsmouth, we won 3 and lost 1.

We will need to decide whether or not we want to enter these leagues next winter season.

10. Match Officer's Report:

Easter Fun Shoot was reasonably well attended considering it was held on Easter Sunday itself. Approximately 23 archers shot on a selection of novelty targets. Target prizes and instant prizes were won by a cross-section of the archers. There was however a little confusion with the ruling of 'line cutters', so this will be made crystal clear for the next time. Some of the targets were deemed a success but a few can and will be changed for next time. As this was Paula's first time organising this event, she was quite pleased with how it went. She thanked Mandy C and Mark W for all their help in setting up and explaining a lot of the rules. Within the trophies she has been polishing, Paula has come across an Achievement Cup, and suggests it might be a nice idea to award it each year to a new beginner member who deserves it, as agreed by the trainers. Committee agreed that this would be a lovely idea.

Paula has some plants she proposes selling at the Albion to boost club coffers. Committee agreed this would be a good idea.

11. Junior Representative’s Report:

Three juniors will be entered into Lintman Junior Shoot on 19th May. Since so many of the currently active juniors are relatively new to the sport, MW expects external shoot entries to be down this year, whilst they concentrate on training.

AOB items:

Date of Next Meeting

20 May 2018 at 6pm at SALSAL

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