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Committee Meeting: September 2018


Date & Time: 29th September 2018 10:30

Attendees: Neil Smith (NS), Amanda Clement (AC), Mark Harmon (MH), Mark Wonnacott (MW), Martin Shelvey (MS), Paula Elder (PE), Len Cooper-Jones (LC-J)

Apologies for Absence Amanda Nannery (AN), Maxine Ravenscroft (MR), Andy Woodger (AW), Colin Ford (CF), Jack Ford (JF)

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

MR pointed out that MR should have been on Point 1 of the Action table (re: contacting SCAAS about fees). AC raised the point that the minutes hadn’t been uploaded to the website very regularly and volunteered to take responsibility for doing so. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted (with the above proviso).

Chairman’s Report:


Secretary's Report:


Treasurer's Report:

Account are still healthy with accounts holding £12,653.22 in the current account though MH is still expecting a few claim forms to be submitted.

Leacroft has been booked for the following dates:

Friday 18:00 – 22:30 October 05th 12th, 19th, 26th,
November 02nd, 09th 16th 23rd, 30th December 07th, and 14th January 04th, 11th, 18th, 25th February 01st, 08th , 15th, 22nd March 01st, 08th , 15th, 22nd

Sunday 10:30 to 13:30
October 21st and 28th November 11th, 18th, 25th December 16th January 20th,
February 17th March 17th

Lots of outgoings to SALSAL and Archery GB, fortunately Len has been on holiday, so he has not put in a claim.

The High interest account containing £20,000 will mature in October. Due to current interest rates and on-going uncertainty with SALSAL, it was decided that we would renew the High Interest account for just one year.

Finance tables available from MH on request.

Public Relations Officer's Report:

Nothing to report

Equipment Officer’s Report:

The new strimmer has been collected and used once.

Training Officer’s Report:

We currently have 11 people confirmed for October’s course with 5 people deferring to the late November course. 8 people have not responded to emails. NS has a couple more people on the waiting list that he will contact on Monday if he hasn’t heard from any of the non-respondents. He has also had one request for places for 7 people from one family but the emails have been a little confusing so he is seeking clarification but I may run a Saturday course for some/all of them.

Matters arising • Give non-responders until Wednesday to respond and then open it up to November list. • MW raised question about referrals from club. Discussion around insurance, costs etc. ensued. • If a trainer is already training once a week, if they are asked to train extra hours we should do it as a 50:50 split - Agreed • Check Archery GB for rule about paid coaches vs volunteers (NS/AC)

Records Officer’s Report:

Nothing to report

Tournament Officer’s Report:

Lord/Lady P still to be identified. Line painting – Ken H has been spoken to about payment Currently, we have 40 entries plus a possible 3 more and 9 from LAC Discussions followed about setting up & preparations

Match Officer's Report:

No report

Junior Representative’s Report:

Both the Junior Clout and Zombie Shoot went well.

Any Other Business:

NS raised a question about the fees structure which created a lively debate, we decided to produce a month by month table giving the cost of joining - AC/NS

MW asked if we can we purchase mugs etc. for junior shoots. Agreed AC mentioned that the Clout pole was found in the bin and pointed out that it is needed Keys on order for back range? Mark Shore has said he will provide. MW to follow up

Date of Next Meeting:

28th October 2018 at 13:00 – Leacroft

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