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Committee Meeting: January 2019


Date & Time: 13 January 2018 13.15

Attendees: Neil Smith (NS), Amanda Clement (AC), Mark Harmon (MH), Martin Shelvey (MS), Maxine Ravenscroft (MR), Colin Ford (CF), Paula Elder (PE), Len Cooper-Jones (LCJ).

Apologies for Absence: Jack Ford (JF), Mark Wonnacott (MW), Amanda Nannery (AN).

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

1. Chairman’s Report:

Nothing to report in addition to action table.

2. Secretary's Report:

3. Treasurer's Report:

Membership numbers for 2018

36 Juniors

84 Adults

8 Non shooters

6 Honorary (Eileen Potts, Gerald Dunham, Maxine Ravenscroft, Roy Smither, Sean McArdle and Graham Potts)

Total 134 members

20 Not renewed Archery GB so will probably lose them when membership expires after AGM.

Figures for the year 2018

This year we saw more members join our club and this, together with the fee increase adopted in 2018, yielded an extra £480.20 compared to last year. Although we took more revenue in 2018, our equipment expenditure was high for the second year running as we purchased a foam target for the indoor range and refurbished the Atlas target on the outdoor range. So, we are continuing our investment in the Club infrastructure instead of just sitting on the money.

Overall, equipment expenditure was down last year, despite buying a new strimmer. In 2019, we will continue investing in our targets and next year will also see the Club’s insurance expenses rise.

Therefore, the books show that we are in profit this year of £1,118.51 (at time of writing this report 30/12/18). This can be attributed to more members and less expenditure. Fortunately, our account is still healthy.

Our investment into a High Interest Savings Account paid its third dividend of £311.15. The account itself matured in September 2018, so we reinvested it for a further year.

Current account - £12,522.97

Investment account - £20,000.00 (matures in 2019)

Debtors - £60.00

Total Assets - £32,582.97

Income £ 20,360.01

Expenditure £ 19,241.50

Net profit £ 1,118.51

I propose that Club fees remain unchanged and stay at 2018 levels.

4. Public Relations Officer's Report:


5. Equipment Officer’s Report:


6. Training Officer’s Report:

More badges ordered.

Next beginners course is almost full and we have 5 already booked for the outdoors beginners course.

7. Records Officer’s Report:

Club records set or broken since last Committee Meeting on 16/12/2018:

16/12/18 Jess Hammond JGU16R Portsmouth

All records are up-to-date both in Golden Records and on the website.

8. Tournament Officer’s Report:

BA Portsmouth and Frostbite Leagues - all December matches won.

MCAA Worcester Postal League - December match won for the barebows. Lost for the recurves. Discussion with league officer who would not accept barebow scores in the recurve submission, as we have a barebow team. Would accept barebow scores if no barebow team entered, despite best barebow scores having been submitted as barebow team.

LAC Opening Shoot/Concord Trophy 2019 - suggest Sun 28th April to avoid other clashes in April with Club Shoot, Pagoda Shoot and Easter Sunday. Committee agreed.

LAC Albion 2019 - date re-booked with SALSAL bar manager, record status to be applied for once field availability has been confirmed.

9. Match Officer's Report:


10. Junior Representative’s Report:


11. Any Other Business:

12. Date of Next Meeting:

Sunday 17 February 2019 at 13.15 Leacroft.

MR extends her apologies in advance.

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